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  AICPA Luncheon Feb. 7, 2011

Governança em TI - IV Conferência - Maio 2008

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"We Create, Build and Maintain: a Formula for a Better Future."™
"Helping companies and people to make better decisions."™

Strategic Finance and Management Consulting
We are a premier management and financial research, training and consulting firm dedicated to the knowledge and understanding of financial concepts and management strategies used to create, build and sustain enterprise wealth.
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Organizational Climate
Methodology and systems for measuring organizational climate are patented.
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  Survey Results: Leadership Qualities
  Installing a Cashiering System to Strengthen Cash Management.
Sankha Management Traning Center
Training Schedule
Course Content Course Listing
Information Depository For The Training Center Method or Form of Payment
Training Categories
Visionary Strategic Management Strategic Financial and Accounting Management BI, Research and Planning Tools Marketing and Communication
Organizational Development Quality Management Personal Professional Development Sankha Systems

Visionary Strategic Management
UPDATE: Tendencies in Strategic and Financial Management
BSC & KPIs / Balanced Scorecard and KPI's-Key Performance Indicators
BSC and Strategic Maps
How to Prepare a Business Plan
How to Project the BUSINESS Climate - Workshop, Methodology by Susan Sabir
Market Pricing Strategies
Corporate Governance - An Organizational Strategy
Business War Game
Best Practices in Innovation
Business Models
Strategic Planning: Visionary Strategy based on Susan Sabir´s Methodology of Competitive Advantages and Business Competencies
Scenario Planning and Financial Projections - 3 day course
OFFER: Sankha® Meetings - Executive Summary on any Topic - 4 hours
OFFER: In-Company Training - 1 day
OFFER: In-Company Training - 2 days
Gestão Estratégica Visionária / Visionary Strategy and Strategic Management

Strategic Financial and Accounting Management
UPDATE: Tendencies in Strategic and Financial Management
Financial Analytics: Financial Statement Analysis and Projections
Audit: Audit Committee Best Practices (English only)
Audit: PCAOB Auditing Standards, ICoFR and the Sarbanes-Oxley Law
Accounting: Strategic and Traditional Cost Accounting
Accounting: IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards/IASB - 2 dias
Accounting: IFRS - Revenue Recognition: New Rules 2014
Accounting: US-GAAP Financial Reporting
Accounting: US-GAAP for NFP-Not-For-Profit Organizations
Accounting: Codified US-GAAP (English only)
Accounting: Financial Statement Conversion - Workshop
Internal Controls: The COSO Model for evaluating ICoFR-Internal Control over Financial Reporting
Internal Controls: COSO 2013
Strategic Finance: Linking Financial and Budget Planning with Visionary Strategy using Susan Sabir´s Methodology
Forensics: Forensics and Valuation, the Perfect Partnership (English and Portuguese)
Forensics: Financial Internet Crimes - 2 days (English only)
Financial Management: Strategic Controllership and Cost Management
Financial Management: Linking Strategy to Financial and Budget Planning - 1 day
Financial Management: Linking Strategy to Financial and Budget Planning - 2 days
Investments: Evaluating Financial Risk in Investment Projects
Mathematics: Financial Engineering - Concepts, Tables and HP-12c Calculator
Procurement: Negotiating with Suppliers
Financial Projections: Financial Statement Analysis and Projections
Corporate Governance - SOX: The Sarbanes-Oxley Law, COSO Risk Matrix, Section 404
Corporate Governance - SOX: The Sarbanes-Oxley Law, COSO Models and PCAOB Auditing Standards - 2 days
VALUATION: How to Measure the Value and Worth of your Company - 1 day
VALUATION: How to Measure the Value and Worth of your Company - 3 days
VALUATION: Valuation of Companies by Sector, Methodologies
Gestão Financeira-Contábil Estratégica / Financial and Accounting Strategic Management

BI, Research and Planning Tools
Organizational Culture and Climate - Methodology by Susan Sabir under patent
Project Management & BPMM-Business Process Mapping and Management
Supply Chain Management
Finance and SCM-Supply Chain Management
Business Intelligence, Pesquisas e Ferramentas Decisórias de Planejamento / Business Intelligence, Research, Planning and Decision-Making Tools

Marketing and Communication
Customer Service
Endomarketing and B2E® – Business to Employee
Management of Sales Teams
Strategic Negotiation and Sales Techniques
Planning and Management of Marketing and Sales - 2 days
Your Internet Business, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
Marketing, Vendas e Comunicação Organizacional / Marketing, Sales and Organizational Communication

Organizational Development
Linking Organizational Strategy with Human Resource Talent - Methodology by Susan Sabir
B2E® - Business-to-Employee
How to Develop Teams: A Management Model
How to Develop Leaders
Creativity and Change Management
Organizational Culture and Climate - Methodology by Susan Sabir under patent
Franchising: Structuring the Training Program to Grow your Business
Sankha® CareerCenter: Organizational Professional Development
Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Planning
Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur - Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Climate in your Company

Quality Management
Creating an Organization Focused on Innovation and Quality - Workshop
Qualidade e Inovação - Quality and Innovation

Personal Professional Development
Personal Financial Planning
Family Financial Management
Renovation Project Management
Investments - Types and Strategies
How to Invest in Real Estate - USA & Brazil
Desenvolvimento Pessoal Profissional / Personal Professional Development
Sankha® CareerCenter

Sankha Systems IT Management
IT Management: ERP, Financial and Internal Control Systems
IT Management: Hosting in the Clouds

Sankha Systems Technical IT
How to Map Business Processes and Design Fluxograms - 2 day Workshop
How to Create Your Own Website
Sankha® Sistemas / Sankha® Systems


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